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TINU PUBLIC SCHOOL Senior Secondary School, Delhi Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

Life at TPS

A day from TPS’s diary

It is 8:00 AM at Tinu Public School the time for morning assembly. The children are in their smart uniform, sharing a lot about themselves, in terms of school and environment. The day's news is read and an innovative and meaningful thought is shared. Birthdays are celebrated with the melodious birthday song. Drill, yoga, and meditation are also an integral part of the school assembly. Depending on the occasion, special assemblies are organized as on Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Children’s day, Christmas etc. The students then march off shortly to their classes.

Then begins the academic session of the day, Subjects like science, math's and computer are taught in the lab along with the lecture method and audio visual aids. Languages and social sciences are taught in the smart classes through white boards and projectors. In TPS the traditional chalk and dustor have almost taken a back seat given place to new modern and smarter white board and markers pens.

All the teachers here are tech savvy. For an overall education development of every child special care is taken. Our students excel in other co-curricular activities also such as sports, literary activities, eco club, drama club, shows, art & craft, music & dance etc. At least two periods are allotted for these subjects per week. The students blend a perfect harmony with the curricular and co-curricular activities.

Now lets highlight some of the co-curricular activities along with other infrastructure


The school believes in the slogan that "All day work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." There are provisions for indoor and outdoor games with Badminton, Volleyball, Kho Kho, Basketball, Athletics, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc.

Literary Activities

TPS also tries to make the students confident, smart, outspoken and extrovert - they are given a platform to voice their views through debates, speech, extempore etc. occasionally quize contest are conducted at the inter-house level. Our students are trained to conduct interviews of great personalities. All the efforts on the part of school is done so that public speaking and public dealing becomes easy and comfortable and they can express themself freely.

Educational Excursions

TPS believes in idea of real time experience for developing belief and making traveling as an inseparable part of conventional education. Keeping this in mind the school organizes trips to various picnic spots in and around Delhi. To quench their thirst to explore more of Indian culture and heritage, trips to local historical places are also organized once a year.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are provided to the students in the medical room. A trained medical nurse attends the students.


The school takes pride in the spacious library cum reading room. It is stalked with the vast collection of books and other learning material. Every year new titles are added to shelf of the library. It is mandatory for each class to visits the library at least once a week

Eco club

TPS envelops its students under the blanket of greenery. The eco club - plants a lot of saplings during the monsoon and also nurtures them perennially. A lot of environment related activities are also taken up to make students respect the planet earth.


Secularism is the key word at TPS. All festivals are celebrated among students to teach them live and bloom in diversity. Festivals like Janmashtami, Diwali, Christmas, E-dul-fitr, Guru Nanak Jayanti etc. are celebrated with pomp and grandeur.

Music and Dance – The Rhythms

Music is the food of the soul for the children at TPS. Classical, Folk, Western and devotional songs occupy equal space in TPS. We are equipped with various music instruments with cities best music teachers to groom the skill of music and dance. The school choir is one of the best in South Delhi.

Our students spontaneous tap their feet to all dance forms be it classical, folk, disco, hip hop or moon walk. TPS stage performances make the spectators dumbstruck and spell bound.

Value Education

Value education occupies an important place in the curriculum. Moral values and ethics are installed and imbibed each student so that they can become a better human being first and a good professional later. After enriching the students throughout the day with loads of values culture, Schoolastic and co-curricular activities the day wraps up with a happy note.

Our In-house activities

Festivals for fun

Festivals as per traditions or fun filled and packed with the aroma of festivity.

TPS Celebrate Festivals like

Raksha Bandhan

To strengthen the bond between the brother and the sister.


To celebrate the birth of lord Krishna.

Basant Panchami

Celebrated to honor the Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning who bequeaths the greatest wealth to humanity, the wealth of knowledge.


Rangoli Competitions.


The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated with dances and carols. The Christmas tree is also decorated.

I Day/ R-Day

To inspire and to encourage patriotism among student, various songs and dance performances are organized on Independence Day and Republic day. The national flag is also raised followed by the National Anthem.

Street play

(Voice and vision) To make the students socially and environmentally aware, street plays an various current issues like dowry, adult literary, save girl child, anti-pollution, plantation drive, inflation are conducted occasionally.


A debate is a structured argument. Two sides speak alternately for and against a particular content usually based on a tipical issue. Students are taught to groom their public speaking skills and develop understanding on various issues like :-

I) Social Media - A useful tool for development of sociaty.
II) Yoga - Should be a part of daily school life.