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TINU PUBLIC SCHOOL Senior Secondary School, Delhi Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

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"We are proud of what we deliver and what our students gain." Tinu Public School provides an education that enables our students to fulfill their potential-be it social, intellectual, academic, sports or cultural. We do so not because these potentials fully developed are academically useful, economically marketable or aesthetically rewarding but because we want every single student to find something that they are good at.

We recognise that, in a rapidly changing world few of our students will follow a career for the whole of their adult lives. To cope with these changes they will need flexibility of mind and the intellectual curiosity to continue learning into adulthood. We expose a variety of teaching models in order to develop student who can think critically, synthesis, transform, experiment and create. In short we aim to equip our students for the 21st century global competition.

Tinu Public School is much more than just an educational institution. Our disciplinary systems, from the day the students enter the school, aim to make them realise that we must all take up the responsibility for our own actions. At T.P.S we regard values such as responsibility, honesty, courage, loyalty, tolerance and respect for others as the building block of a stable society. We also seek to encourage our students an appreciation of India’s immense richness and variety of natural resources as well as a commitment to their protection and prevention for future generations.

Respect for the environment grows out of respect for one self. A comprehensive programme of talks and seminars on personal hygiene, sexuality, drugs and family relationship is held at appropriate levels in the school.